Insider 3/8/2010 - Kris Aubin

Hi, this is Kris Aubin of the Privateer Press graphic design studio.

The studio is a very busy place, creating the bulk of visual materials for the company: packaging, No Quarter Magazine, core visuals (books, boards, cards) for all the games, art contracting, organized play materials, character concept art, event material, advertisements, merchandise, photography, and website resources. The list goes on and on.

The design studio consists of myself along with graphic designers Josh Manderville, Kim Goddard, Stuart Spengler, and resident concept artist Chris Walton. While we all have our strengths, the members of the design team wear many different hats and take on several distinct projects at a time.

Currently our main focus is the redesign of the Hordes materials for Mk II. Overall the Mk II redesign has been a huge undertaking, comprising of a redesign of nearly all related materials; cards, books, artwork, packaging, and the website. Keeping a good work flow between all these elements has been a challenge.

In the end, however, the wonderfully positive response from the community makes all of our hard work worthwhile. Seeing fans blown away by a new WARMACHINE book really makes us feel like we are doing a great job and strive to continuously improve the materials we produce.

In future news, I hope to share previews of upcoming design materials, as well as share in the process of how we do our jobs here in the Privateer Press graphic design studio.