Insider 3/4/2010 - DC

I received a demo of WARMACHINE in the summer of 2003 in a small game shop in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. When I got home that evening, I threw all sorts of other hobby gaming products into auctions to support my brand-new pewter habit. I started with a Cryx army starring Deneghra, but before Escalation hit the shelves, I was interested in every faction. I was hooked.

Before long, I became a Press Ganger, then a playtester, a No Quarter Magazine contributor, and an Organized Play freelancer. I found myself playing WARMACHINE and HORDES numerous times a week, heading to tournaments several times a month, organizing frequent tournaments and leagues, and driving all over the Midwest to hit Gen Con, Origins, DieCon, Gorilla Con, WARMACHINE Weekend, and other game conventions or events.

In August of 2008, Matt Wilson called me with an invitation to join the Privateer Press crew as the new playtest coordinator. Within a month, I was across the country and neck-deep in robots, zombies, and monsters.

So what do I really do around here? As with most folks in the game industry, I wear quite a few hats, the most recent being that of Privateer Press’ new development manager. This means that I work closely with Jason Soles on WARMACHINE and HORDES products; Michael Faciane on Monsterpocalypse, Grind, and other new games; Matt Wilson, Ed Bourelle, and Will Shick to determine new development projects. I even assist editorial manager Darla Kennerud with the proofing our games, get tapped to write as need dictates and time permits, and occasionally develop my own games.

As playtest coordinator, I’m the guy who organizes all internal and external playtesting, collects feedback, and then works with the lead developer on a particular project to utilize this data for improving game balance and rules clarity. Fortunately this job is a bit less frenetic now that the Mk II public field tests are over, but it still serves as a critical part of our overall development process.

At the moment, some Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx proofing is calling my name, so I guess that’s it for this time.