Insider 3/3/2010 - Ron Kruzie

Ron Kruzie is the name. My position here as Studio Director here at Privateer Press involves keeping the sculpting and painting running smooth and free of any blighted insurgency. Studio directing is similar to herding cats in a forest surrounded by Bog Trogs, all with the weight of a bounty on your head. This is also why it’s so fun.

My job is to take 2D concept art and turn it into producible 3D works of destructive beauty. I work with sculptors from all corners of the globe that use the entire range of available sculpting mediums. Here in the Privateer Press studio we have Studio Painter Matt DiPietro, miniatures-painter extraordinaire. Across from me sits the sculpting comedian Brian Dugas (the “s” is silent and he’ll be the first to tell you). In the far corner sits Hobby and Terrain maven Rob Hawkins and to his side is Sean Bullough, my straight-line sculptor and resin-casting mad man. Every day at the Press is like a day at the farm, every paycheck a fortune, every meal a banquet, and every mini a masterpiece. I LOVE THE PRESS!

We are rolling hard here in the studio on all the new HORDES miniatures. Believe me when I say that there are some amazingly fresh ideas and sculpts coming in for HORDES Mk II. I’m going to steal Brian Dugas’ fire and give you a sneak peak at an upcoming sculpt. He is big, fat, and carried by a bunch of suffering bastards. I am speaking of the model, of course, not Brian.