Insider 3/2/2010 - Jason Soles

My name is Jason Soles, and I am the lead developer for WARMACHINE and HORDES. I am responsible for concepting new models, creating their statistics and rules, and shepherding them through development. Development manager and playtest coordinator David “DC” Carl and a small army of both internal and external playtesters aid in this process. I also serve as Privateer Press’ continuity editor, meaning I must read every word written about the Iron Kingdoms to make sure it maintains the feel and history of the setting.

Matt Wilson hired me in the fall of 2002 to help him refine and complete WARMACHINE for its 2003 release, and I have been the lead developer ever since. Along the way I have been an occasional contributor to No Quarter Magazine, participated in the development of such games as Monsterpocalypse, and attended countless conventions in locations from Orange County, CA to Ghent, Belgium.

I divide my limited free time among sculpting, writing, and plotting fresh adventures with my lovely travel companion. Rounding out my autobiographical discourse, I have a keen interest in film, history, apocalyptic folk, and rare spirits. Currently I am exploring both new casting compounds and the roots of the American cocktail.

I will use this blog in the future to provide some insight into current development at Privateer Press. That will have to wait, however, as I am now facing brutal deadlines, the likes of which make sleep an all but distant memory . . .