Insider 3-7-2012

For a few months now, I have been drooling over the studio-painted Stormwall for the upcoming WARMACHINE: Colossals expansion. I’m a big fan of this model, and I have seen all its numerous parts in the various stages of design and development. However, it wasn’t until today, as we prepared to do the assembly diagram, that I realized how much awesome is packed into this huge-based model.

The production team has done a great job maintaining the detail on the vast number of parts that make up this 140-mm-tall powerhouse of Cygnaran technology. And the Stormwall isn’t just one model; it comes with three small-based Lightning Pod solos it can deploy with its superstructure system for additional offensive support.

I can’t wait to see these things on the battlefield, with guns blazing, fists flying, and arcs of electricity zapping into the Lightning Pods. Also, I have to admit I will take great joy in smashing into a Stormwall with my Cryx force and reducing it to a pile of wreckage.

Did I mention that every colossal model includes a 120-mm triple-layered cardstock wreck marker illustrated by Privateer’s renowned illustrator Andrea Uderzo?


I must be slacking off.

Cheers - Ed