Insider 3-4-2013

Back in September 2011, I started a small Legion of Everblight army for the Staff Journeyman League. I wasn't a huge contender, but I did meet my personal goal of painting a full 35-point army. After the league was over and my little army had no one else to lose to, I put it away on my shelf.

After a while my Legion beasties began to look lonely, so I started adding to the group. I painted a Raek over First Friday, made the bases for the Harriers while I instructed a friend on the basics of miniature assembly, put together the Ravagore while I was visiting my family, and premiered the Stingers when I taught my boyfriend how to play HORDES. Thagrosh, the Messiah came with me to a friend’s house, where we all painted together. Gradually, my little army has evolved into a considerable dragonspawn collection.

Now I'm having a tough time finding room for everybody on the shelf. Looking at them all together, they seem pretty impressive, and they definitely bring back a lot of good memories. Now I just gotta find a bigger shelf . . .