Insider 3-31-2011

Lock & Load is creeping closer, and the anticipation at Privateer Press HQ is definitely building. Friday, April 1st is a day many have been waiting for: registration for events opens to all Lock & Load attendees. Since seating is limited, I thought I would take a minute to cover the registration process.

First things first, you need to buy a badge at our webstore and register for an account at Within a few days of purchasing your badge you will receive an email requesting you to activate your Lock & Load e-badge. While you are logged into your account on the Lock & Load website, click on the activation link in your badge-activation email. You must be logged into your account when you activate your e-badge. You can confirm everything was done properly by going to your user page. If your e-badge appears, you are good to go and can register for events. If your e-badge does not appear, please email with the issue.

Activated E-Badge

Non-Activated E-Badge

Now that you have an activated badge, you can begin registering for events. Simply go to the events tab on the Lock & Load website and click on the event you want, then click on the register button at the bottom of the event description. You can only register for one event in a single time slot. If you click on an event that conflicts with the time slot of another event for which you have previously registered, you will get a message warning you that you will be unregistered for the first event. If you ever want to check on your events, just go to your user page. You can even print them out in a list format!

I look forward to seeing you all there!