Insider 3-30-2011

This year marks a very special anniversary for Privateer Press. Ten years ago, Privateer Press was founded, began producing award-winning games, and introduced the world to the Iron Kingdoms and all of western Immoren. To celebrate this momentous occasion, No Quarter Magazine will produce a special Privateer Press 10-Year Anniversary issue that will debut* at Lock & Load GameFest 2011.

The anniversary issue is packed with 128 pages of material highlighting the past, present, and future of Privateer Press. To whet everyone’s appetite, I thought I’d reveal a bit about three of the articles that will appear in this special issue.

Epic Battle Report

The anniversary issue will feature what is quite simply the biggest Battle Report in No Quarter history. This enormous confrontation will recreate an epic battle from the Iron Kingdom’s past on a table specially built for the occasion. You’ll see two massive armies square off and relive the blood-soaked spectacle blow-by-blow.

Historic Fiction

Privateer Press lead writer and western Immoren historian Doug Seacat has authored an epic tale about a pivotal moment in the history of the Iron Kingdoms. This piece of short fiction will fill in important details in the recent history of western Immoren and perhaps reveal new information about some of the setting’s most influential characters.

10-Year Product Retrospective

From the Witchfire Trilogy that started the Iron Kingdoms RPG to the latest WARMACHINE and HORDES releases, the tale of Privateer Press is told through the pages of its vast library of award-winning products. This article will give you a glimpse behind the scenes at the formative years of your favorite product lines with invaluable insight from their creators.

Of course, these three articles are just the tip of the iceberg. The No Quarter Privateer Press 10-Year Anniversary issue will features epic-sized installments of your favorite No Quarter articles, including Guts & Gears, the Gavyn Kyle Files, Modeling & Painting, and Terrain Building—to name just a few. Be sure to pick up your copy at the Lock & Load 2011 GameFest or simply pre-register for the event before April 15th to receive a free copy.

*Can’t make it to Lock & Load? No to worry. You can still get this epic special issue once it hits stores in August.