Insider 3-29-2011

Around the office we’re pretty excited about the first annual Lock & Load GameFest, just as many of you are. To make Lock & Load an event to remember, each member of the Privateer Press Studio has been eager to find ways to give attendees an inside look at the work we do. Right away, we knew that we’d be encountering a wide range of skill levels and interests at the event. From beginners to elite craftsmen aiming for fame in the Formula P3 Painting Competition, we knew we wanted put on events that would be fun and accessible to everyone.

With that goal in mind, we got together and came up with a two-pronged approach. First, we’ll give presentations showcasing our diverse talents. Second, we’ll be working on projects out in the open so anyone can ask questions, get personalized demonstrations, or just see the studio in action.

For my part, as the Privateer Press Studio miniature painter, I decided to give a presentation about the style I use to render the models that populate the books and boxes that line the walls of your favourite games store. The Privateer Press Studio style is characterized by the two-brush blending technique, zenith highlighting, and a metallic technique that uses aspects of non-metallic metal but is painted with metallic paints. Although these techniques are on the advanced side, I’ve found that individuals of all skill levels enjoy the inside look at how that “studio look” is achieved. When not presenting, I’ll be painting some unreleased studio models, giving personalized demonstrations, and answering questions. So when you are at Lock & Load, I hope you’ll drop by to say hello, show me your paint jobs, and share with me this great hobby we all love.