Insider 3-28-2012

Way back in 2006, I was a working as a freelance concept artist for Privateer Press and taking on any projects that came my way. It didn’t matter to me what was offered; I’d throw myself into each new project with as much vigor as I could. For a while I kept hearing, “We’ve got a new property you’d be perfect for!” After several months of scratching my head, I was approached to do the art for a whole new type of game. It was a more light-hearted card game called Infernal Contraption, which would be the start of the Bodgers line of games.

The deadline was tight, but I managed to wrangle my good friend Rob Hawkins into helping me. I did the drawing, he inked them, and we split the coloring duties. With some hard work, we managed to finish Infernal Contraption and its expansion Infernal Contraption: Sabotage! on time. It was a lot of work and a ton of fun. A few years later, I was given the art duties for the next game in the line, Scrappers. The gobbers and their wacky machines grew close to my heart mostly due to the fact I did so much of the original drawings.

Fast-forward to earlier this year. After coming aboard as an art director, I was told we would be producing another Bodgers game called Heap. This time the gobbers would be set in a post-apocalyptic world where they would battle over the scraps of civilization. I knew I’d be way too busy with my new responsibilities to do the art in Heap myself. It was difficult, but I knew I had to pass the torch onto another artist.

That artist would be Manny Trembley. Manny took on the herculean task of doing all the card illustrations for Heap by himself, with just as crazy a deadline as I had faced all those years ago with Infernal Contraption. Manny breathed new life and whimsy into the concept briefs we gave him and knocked out all the illustrations in no time at all. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of his work on Heap. Manny took our gobber heroes and treated them with the care and quality they deserve. Here are some of my favorites pieces from the new game. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Check out the HEAP video preview here!