Insider 3-26-2012

When my coworkers have an Insider blog that shows off a new piece of art or announces a really big development, I get a little jealous. You see, it is really invigorating to reveal something cool and exciting to our enthusiastic and passionate fan base. So when Will shows off the latest colossal model or Ed talks about the new book cover, I do admit to a bit of envy.

I do have my moments, however. Through a rather odd and roundabout way (since my position here at Privateer Press has nothing to do with the art department), I get to reveal the art for the third incarnation of one of the most notorious Cryxian warcasters. May I present Asphyxious the Hellbringer!

Unfortunately, since I don’t work in the art department, I can’t tell you much about how the piece was created. What I can tell you is Néstor Ossandón is the artist and that this illustration is pretty awesome! What makes it even more awesome is that it makes a truly spectacular shirt. May I now present the exclusive 2012 Lock & Load T-Shirt!

Those of you who have purchased or will purchase a Lock & Load badge for 2012 will get the opportunity to pre-order this exclusive T-shirt and then pick it up at the event. We will send an email to badge holders later this week with instructions on how to purchase the T-shirt.

Oh, yeah! Lock & Load event registration opens today, too!