Insider 3-23-2012

Lock & Load is still a couple of months away, but we’re busily preparing for it here at Privateer Press HQ. We’ve set the event schedule—which you can see here and in No Quarter Magazine #41—and it’s packed with so many great events and activities that we’re all getting a little restless with anticipation.

I’m really excited about Lock & Load because it’s full on, 100% pure unadulterated Privateer Press action. My Khador forces are ready to go, and I’m painting my growing Blindwater Congregation army to take as well. We hope you’re excited, too. So if you want to show your colors and tell the world you’re locked and loaded, we made these signature banners just for you! And there’s still time to get your badge, so check out for more information.

I’m locked & loaded, are you?