Insider 3-21-2011

Today, I have the privilege of writing about Domination playtesting. Well, maybe I do. I’m going to write about it, and then we’ll see what actually makes it onto the Privateer Insider site! There are plenty of great Domination playtesting stories, but I’m going to narrow it down to just one model per faction.

The [edited for content] are a new [edited for content] unit for the Trollbloods. Early on in the playtesting process, these guys [edited for content] in the Trollblood arsenal since [edited for content] options that [edited for content]. The [edited for content] really [edited for content], though, when we added the [edited for content] ability. It allowed them to [edited for content] that could [edited for content] enemy [edited for content] independent of [edited for content].

[edited for content] is a new [edited for content] warbeast for the Circle Orboros. Playtesting showed that [edited for content] made the model [edited for content], meaning it would [edited for content] or we’d have to [edited for content], which would [edited for content] for Circle’s new [edited for content]. Later revisions [edited for content] of the same [edited for content] that we intended for [edited for content] without the [edited for content] of the [edited for content]. I’m certain that [edited for content] and [edited for content] in particular will want [edited for content] in their battlegroups.

The [edited for content] was a real challenge. At one point, I actually told Soles, “[edited for content].” Now don’t get me wrong, the [edited for content] is a [edited for content] for a [edited for content], but the playtest feedback was as divided [edited for content]. Sure, you’ll find forum members who say that some model is overpowered while others claim the opposite, but our [edited for content] were [edited for content] on the [edited for content]. Was it actually [edited for content]? Actually [edited for content]? We ultimately [edited for content], and I’m sure Skorne players will appreciate how it [edited for content], but it was [edited for content].

Warlocks and warcasters are tricky. They typically take more development and playtesting time than [edited for content]. [edited for content] of Everblight was no exception. [edited for content] began the playtest cycle [edited for content], but as time went on, [edited for content], sometimes in [edited for content]. The final version of [edited for content], [edited for content] of Everblight is certain to generate some buzz on the forums, in particular [edited for content] that [edited for content]. Well, that and the fact that [edited for content].

The [edited for content] warbeast is an interesting playtest story partly because of [edited for content]. Other than [edited for content] to its [edited for content], this Minion warbeast [edited for content] from its [edited for content] straight through [edited for content]. Considering how [edited for content] this warbeast is from [edited for content], there was all sorts of potential to [edited for content] along the way. Instead, it [edited for content] alongside [edited for content] and provides some [edited for content] to the [edited for content] Minion pact.

[edited for content],