Insider 3-2-2012

I’ve spoken about modeling and gaming recently in my Insider. Today, I wanted to talk to you about something a little more personal: the challenges of painting while color blind. I can see color, but I have a pretty big problem differentiating between shades of colors that are close to each other in the color wheel.

Greens and blues, blues and purples, yellows and oranges, oranges and reds; the subtleties between these individual colors bewitch me. Up until I started painting minis, the worst consequence of this was that my wife would laugh at me lovingly while I got dressed in the morning. Since I’ve been playing WARMACHINE and HORDES, this has presented some unique challenges.

So, how do I paint my miniatures? By pretending that I am a 1940’s comic book colorist. Colors that provide a lot of contrast have served me well so far. My Protectorate of Menoth army (blue, black, gold and red) and my Skorne army (black, grey, silver and white) color schemes give me a big palate of colors to work with while still allowing my eyes to understand what it is that’s going on in front of me.

I am sure I am not the only person in our community who faces a unique challenge when it comes to painting. I’m still trying to figure out different ways to work around it. So, in closing, I’ll say that our painting forums have an impressively strong community of helpful people. If you ever come across a problem that you just can’t figure out, just make a post, and you should have some useful suggestions in no time.