Insider 3-19-2012

As a guy who loves both hobby gaming and making movies, it’s pretty cool that I get to work as the video producer for Privateer Press. This means I am responsible for planning, shooting, and editing all the video content for Privateer Press.

My first project as a fulltime staffer was to create a series of videos to be shown at TempleCon that would announce the major releases for Privateer Press in 2012. It was a lot of work with a challenging deadline, but making these videos was an absolute blast.

Creative director Ed Bourelle and I had a great time setting up and shooting the miniature scenes for the Cygnar Stormwall and Khador Conquest. Our singular goal was to make these huge models look super cool. I think the footage speaks for itself; these colossals look absolutely killer on camera!
In addition to developing videos and shooting all the footage, I’m also responsible for editing the final piece. This is one of my favorite parts of the process since it’s where the video really starts to take shape. My favorite part of editing? Animations!
I love giving things dynamic life onscreen, and two of the videos created for TempleCon were for the Bodgers Games Heap and Infernal Contraption. Both of these videos provided a lot of opportunities for animated elements, and the zany, comic nature of the Bodgers brand made editing them extra fun. In fact, we’re busy creating a whole series of animated demo videos on how to play Heap (coming soon).
To get a look at the fruits of my recent labors, check out the videos for Infernal Contraption and Heap: