Insider 3-16-2012

A couple of weeks ago, I and several other crewmembers from Privateer Press took a cross-continent trip to TempleCon in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to being fortunate enough to speak about all the amazing things we’ve got lined up for this year in front of a 300-plus-person audience of WARMACHINE and HORDES players (the reaction to which I will not soon forget), I got to do one of my favorite things—play tons of WARMACHINE and HORDES! On top of that, I met some really great people along the way.

I brought along my Circle Orboros army, complete with four of the fantastic new Gallows Grove models. In three days, I played in two tournaments as a “special guest,” and I played in several Iron Arena matches. While each and every game I played was an absolute blast, there are a few that really stuck with me as perfect examples of why I love WARMACHINE and HORDES.

Much thanks goes to my opponent in Gator Dun. Not only did he hand me my first loss of the event in a great and tense game, everyone on his team was truly a joy to talk to and watch in action.

To my last opponent in the team event, (whose team name I cannot in good conscience put in print) thanks for the absolute best game of the entire weekend. It was a fast-paced knock-down, drag-out fight that came down to the last few models on the table. We laughed, we cried over our dice, and in the end, it was anybody’s game.

And to the Gatorman player who I faced down on Sunday’s Last Rites event… The next time we meet I will be bringing in my Blackhide Wrastler anti-aircraft guns!

I look forward to seeing many of you again and meeting more new opponents this June at Lock & Load. Look for me at the Iron Arena tables, I’ll be the guy with the Woldwrath.