Insider 3-16-2011

We all have one thing in common: tons of unpainted minis. We want to put a painted army on the table, but the time it takes to paint can be challenging or the army size intimidating. There is a way to paint an army fast, make it look good, and keep the army from becoming too big to handle.

Over the years, I have refined a number of methods to paint great-looking minis fast, and I want to share them with you. You still have to put in the brush-time to get the results, but there are lessons that can be taught quickly to shave hours off painting time.

At Lock & Load I will be giving a presentation and teaching classes on painting great-looking armies in a short amount of time. This is not a traditional class where you show up and paint with me for an hour. Instead, you will watch and learn as I present the philosophy and techniques used to paint armies quickly. I’ll show you techniques I have never taught anyone, including how to use unorthodox materials on minis and airbrushing with Formula P3 paints. I will be presenting Matt DiPietro’s speed-painting method and my favorite three-stage, two-brush blending method. Regardless of your skill level, I’ll be dishing out years of accumulated practice and knowledge. Just show up and take it in.

My primary goal is for you to join me and learn new and fresh painting skills that you can apply to your army. We all know that a painted army fights harder and gives you a richer gaming experience.

I look forward to seeing all of you there.