Insider 3-15-2012

Recently I’ve been branching my sculpting abilities out to more organic sculpting, and I’ve had a few ideas for models I want to realize.

On and off over the years I’ve done a bit of organic sculpting but have never really focused on it as a permanent move away from mechanical sculpting (which is being done mostly by computer now). My least favorite part was making armatures, which I’ve always thought was boring. It really is one of the most important parts of a sculpt, though, because if the pose is wrong the final model will look “off.”

There are just about as many ways of making armatures as there are types of putty. Every sculptor I’ve met or whose work I’ve seen has a slightly different take, from a basic upside-down “U” made from wire to a pre-cast skeleton. During my time as a moldmaker I’ve seen just about every type of armature imaginable. Whatever kind you like, it’s important to use a wire that is easy to cut—moldmakers will thank you for that!

I really like pre-cast armatures, since some of the bulk-up work is already done and I don’t have to bother with soldering wires together. Brian Dugas made several types of those recently, so I swiped a few off his desk to use for practice. (Don’t worry—he can always have more cast!)

Because I have no concept art for these, I’m just making up the details as I go. Obviously this guy is armed with a bow, but I’m not sure who he’ll be in the end. The other guy will hold a sword and shield.

Now that I've got some great looking armatures, it's time to really get sculpting. Tune in next time to see where this goes!