Insider 3-14-2011

One of the many things that excited me about taking a job at Privateer Press was moving to Seattle. I had heard so many great things about the Emerald City, and I quickly found out why so many people rave about it. Sure, it rains a lot in the winter, but the summers make up for it with clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures. So when the prospect of doing a Geek Nation Tour in tandem with Lock & Load became a possibility, I did everything I could to make sure it happened.

Today I am pleased to announce that Privateer Press and Geek Nation Tours have teamed up to offer a spectacular travel experience centered around Lock & Load Gamefest 2011. I have been to many conventions in many different cities, but I can’t say I’ve had the chance to see San Diego outside of Comic-Con International or Indianapolis outside of Gen Con. Teras, the head geek over at Geek Nation Tours, has solved this problem for Lock & Load attendees by putting together an amazing package that includes Lock & Load and many other Seattle must-see attractions.

I won’t spoil all the perks of the tour, but you can see for yourself at the Geek Nation Tours website. I will say the tour includes great Seattle attractions like Pike Place Market, the Flight Museum at Boeing, and a harbor tour. The package is totally affordable and includes hotel, transportation, and all the tour activities. With Geek Nation Tours you can quickly turn your Lock & Load Gamefest experience into a vacation in Seattle!