Insider 3-1-2011

One of the most gratifying parts of working at Privateer Press is interacting with our community. In fact, I can say that it was the community that led me to work here in the first place. In my previous life, back in New York, I was a pretty serious WARMACHINE and HORDES player. Having started as a hobbyist, I soon became a Press Ganger and it was among those black-clad ranks that I made friends at Privateer. These friends were instrumental in how I ended up sitting at this desk, eyeing a pile of unpainted Adepticon Skorne, and writing this blog. But I digress.

While at TempleCon 2011, I had the opportunity to reconnect with friends from my old gaming community back in the New York tri-state area. I first met those guys while running tournaments in Manhattan and Brooklyn; some of them came from as far away as central New Jersey on an almost weekly basis. There were some great players in that group, and more importantly, great people. It was a proud moment for me this February when I got to see my old friends winning tournaments at TempleCon, a bunch of real Champions!

Left & Right: Thomas Hoffmann, Jake Hoffman, 2011 TempleCon Team Tournament champions
Center: Jeremy Miller, Templecon 2011 Master’s Champion and 2011 TempleCon Team Tournament champion

People like Jeremy, Tom, and Jake are the reason I love my job as community manager. I get to fly all over the country, attending conventions and meeting consistently great people brought together by their love of WARMACHINE, HORDES, and other Privateer games. This is one of the most exciting things about our upcoming Lock & Load event for me. So many awesome people will be gathering here in Seattle to spend two whole days fully immersed in playing, painting, sculpting, and even designing for my favorite games in the world.