Insider 3-09-2011

Time to start a new painting project. Currently, I have a number of factions other than Cryx underway, but I’m having trouble deciding which one of them to work on next.

First up is my whitewashed Khador army. I enjoy playing Khador a lot, but I just haven’t found time to get as much paint on them as I would like. I currently have two warcasters and 37 points of Khador models painted. With the Gun Carriage on the horizon, I’m really motivated to get to work on these guys.

I’ve also got a decent start on a Talion Charter force with Shae and 47 points of pirates painted. I have a good head start on troops with this army. I’ve painted two full Sea Dog units, each with three riflemen. I’ve also been feeling the urge to run Fiona the Black along side my Cryx army in larger games, so that is a definite motivator to get to work on these guys.

On the HORDES side of things, I have my emerald Skorne force. Of all the armies listed here, I’ve made the most progress on this one. I have three warlocks and 61 points of other models painted for this army. Skorne was my first HORDES faction, and I hold them near and dear to my heart. All the new MK II stuff for these guys really has me wanting a larger force that I can show off.

Finally, there is my Circle of Hell army that has appeared twice in No Quarter Magazine. I love what I’ve done with these guys, and there are plenty of other Circle models that I can twist to my evil vision. For example, Hellborn Skinwalkers sound pretty damned (pun intended) cool. At present, I have Mohsar and 37 points of models painted.

My day-to-day work here at Privateer includes making a lot of decisions that I hope have a positive impact on your experience with WARMACHINE and HORDES. Now it’s your turn to impact my experience by choosing which of the factions listed above I will work on next. Follow THIS LINK to vote for the faction you want me to work on, and I will take the chosen army to 150 points (Hardcore standard) by Lock & Load in June.