Insider 3-08-2011

The design studio has been hard at work over the last few months putting the finishing touches on WARMACHINE: Wrath. Art is being placed, stories edited, and proofs checked and double-checked. For a design nerd such as myself, I find it all very exciting. I love the smell of rubber cement in the morning!!

While we are excited to see Wrath on its way to the printer, you should also be excited for Wrath. It’s a very exciting book (how many times can I say exciting?).

Wrath is our first WARMACHINE Mk II anthology book, meaning we have new model entries for all the core factions.

This is also the first anthology book that features the Retribution of Scyrah. While Retribution is relatively new to the wars of the Iron Kingdoms, they come packing some major punch in this book. As a Retribution player, I can’t help but grin maniacally, like this:

Here’s another exciting point: we have been gradually revealing the battle engines. These massive constructs add a whole new level of smashy-ness to your army, plus the fantastic miniatures (we need another term for these) really stand out as amazing visual centerpieces for your army.

Finally, we have also received the final cover artwork for Wrath, which is suitably amazing! Here is a tiny sneak peek at this jam-packed illustration.