Insider 3-03-2011

Back in July I showed off a couple of recently assembled helljacks I meant to paint in the following months along with a list of eight other Cryx heavies. With convention season looming, my hobby time dried up like an open pot of paint, and the list of unpainted ‘jacks only got bigger.

Toward the end of 2010, I enlisted the help of my good friend Daniel Sasser, and together we tackled the horde of unpainted plastic and white metal. Keeping to our normal painting routine of about three evenings a month in front of the television, the two of us were able to get these models (and more) completed in just three months. We developed a good workflow where one of us would paint one color and the other would follow up with the next color in the process. In the end, I’m really happy with how all 19 ‘jacks turned out.

All total, we painted four Ripjaws, two Deathrippers, a Defiler, a Stalker, Cankerworm, two Corruptors, two Leviathans, a Harrower, a Seether, a Slayer, a Reaper, Nightmare, and Malice. This more than doubles my total number of helljacks and probably adds about a third more bonejacks to my army. During weeks Daniel couldn’t paint, I put in some time on other models and managed to finish three Brute Thralls, Venethrax, and Goreshade the Cursed. Painting with a friend (or a few of them) is a great way to spend an evening or a rainy day. You can help each other out or work on your own projects, but I find working with others helps me develop a routine that I stick with even during the weeks I have to paint alone.

With all this progress on Cryx, I think I’ll put some time into a new Legion army or maybe knock out 100 points of Khador. Hey, look. Some new models just arrived for me.