Insider 3-02-2011

At Lock & Load, I’ll be demonstrating some techniques and tricks of the trade that I use for terrain building.

The tutorial will involve a number of tools and materials and demonstrate techniques including:

• Carving realistic-looking stone walls out of pink insulation foam
• Working with plastic card and styrene strips to make uniquely shaped sheet-metal roofs
• Rivets made easy
• Working with textured plastic card
• Making sculpted sandbags for your trenches and bunkers
• Making tall grass from old brushes
• Painting rusty metal and achieving copper patina washes
• Painting realistic-looking bricks
• Weathering stone work

Building terrain is an all-day project and often a piece of scenery will come together over the course of several days, allowing glue and putty to dry overnight. It’s been my experience that terrain “classes” where people build along with you don’t work out very well, and the participants end up walking away with half-finished pieces covered with wet glue.

This terrain tutorial will be run as more of a “presentation,” similar to a cooking show or infomercial. I’ll be demonstrating some techniques on different pieces of terrain and answering questions as we go. The intention is that the participants take away some great ideas and inspiration they can later apply to their own terrain projects.

The tutorial is an hour long and will run once each day of the show.

I’ll also have a workshop set up in the convention hall where I will be building a gaming table over the course of the weekend. Stop by, watch, and ask questions. I’ll be demonstrating the processes I use to make terrain, and you can see a project go from start to finish.

Hope to see you there!