Insider 2-8-2012

Using Formula P3 Sculpting Putty with glue is a perfect way to assemble a mini with multiple connecting parts that all need to join up in one perfect, ass-kicking model.

Here’s a perfect example. This Venator Flayer Cannon Crew member has two disconnected arms that need to attach to a cannon, which then attaches to a tripod. That’s five connections that need to match up.

If you tried to glue this together right from the get-go, it might become a frustration situation. Here’s a tricky solution to this challenge.

Whip up some sculpting putty and place little balls of putty where the arm joins the body and where the cannon attaches to the mount. I don’t want to attach the Venator to the cannon because they will be painted separately. You can see how his left arm is attached with the putty.

The advantage here is that you can move the cannon and the arms around until they fit perfectly. When they fit, you can pull your fingers away and the mini will stay in position. You might have to do this a couple times before it all comes together. It took me a few tries to get it to this stage, which took maybe a minute and a half.

Now that he’s in place, add a bead of glue on the puttied joins.

Let the glue sit for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the fact that the parts are glued into the correct position

Clean up the putty around the joins and make sure it all fits together. You will notice a little space between the hands and the gun. When it comes time to glue these two minis together, apply a little pressure and they will fit nice and snug with no gaps showing.

Using putty to find the correct position and placement for multiple connecting parts before gluing is a great way to make kits like these fun and easy.