Insider 2-29-2012

My physical work area and my electronic work area are currently the messiest they’ve ever been. Not just at Privateer Press, but at any job I’ve ever had. Now, that’s not to say that things are disorganized, because that would drive me crazy. Compared to some desks, I suppose this area is practically a Swiss watch, but it still strikes me as a train wreck despite the patterns woven throughout the chaos.

Scattered sheets of hastily scrawled spells and abilities with a rainbow of color-coded highlighting mingle with piles of background material and scribbled idea sketches while my trusty WARMACHINE: Prime sits on the top of the heap. Reams of printouts of myriad sections and revisions of Iron Kingdoms RPG material sit beside old IK RPG releases and resource books. Documents for the 2012 HORDES releases share computer desktop space with documents for Lock & Load, No Quarter, leagues, and plenty of things I can’t write about just yet. And on a card table off to the side, a swarm of ideas is collected in various states of design to form the primordial ooze of new game development (some of which you’ll see in a year or two or ten, and others which may never see full-fledged development much less game store shelves).

The excitement and the intensity are building to a fever pitch both to finish up the last of our 2012 development efforts and to launch full force into the next development project and the next after that.

The announcements from TempleCon 2012 are making a real buzz right now, and I’d highly encourage you to check them out on the Privateer Press YouTube channel if you haven’t already, but most of those projects are already well off my plate. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve got plenty of excitement to see players’ reactions to our roster of 2012 releases, but this certainly doesn’t mark a moment to catch our breath. There is far too much left to do.

As I try to wrap up this blog entry, I’m bursting to talk about something I simply can’t. I may not be able to say much until about this time next year, and I’m sure plenty of the details will change between where it sits now and what you will ultimately see, but this project is a true dream come true.

If you’ll excuse me, though, I have much to do,