Insider 2-27-2012

Outside of playtest I don’t play WARMACHINE or HORDES with unpainted miniatures. My primary reason for this is that I feel the game is much more immersive when played with a painted army on really cool terrain. It’s even cooler if my opponent has a painted army, too. Unfortunately, the painting prude in me has a downside; having a limited selection of models to choose from can leave me a bit behind the competitive curve. It’s hard to keep up, especially since I’m trying to maintain multiple factions.

Still, win or lose, I’ll be sticking with my painted armies. One of the fun things about having to wait until my models are painted is that a model that has been around for a while can suddenly be new again. Take the Withershadow Combine, for example. Although they have been around for years, I only recently finished painting them with the help of my good friend and painting buddy Daniel Sasser. I’m excited to get these guys out on the field in our office War-Torn Alliances league and unleash some new Cryxian evil.

So, if you are like me and only play with painted figures, don’t let that pile of bare metal discourage you. Just remember that every time you get a new model or unit finished you have a new weapon for your tabletop arsenal.