Insider 2-23-2011

Today, my blog is about one of the events at Lock & Load. However, I need to preface this blog with bit of background about the Shattered Grounds league season models.

Not long ago, I wrote a “Where do models come from?” blog. Because the Shattered Grounds season models only last a few weeks, the design, development, and playtest processes for these models are truncated. They follow much the same steps as any other WARMACHINE or HORDES model but at a much accelerated pace.

This looser process has opened up some real opportunities for Simon, Aeryn, and me to create some unique characters and off-the-wall models that you’ve seen featured in the league fiction and the league cards for season models. These models are unlikely to ever appear in a WARMACHINE or HORDES book, but we sincerely hope you’ve had as much fun playing them throughout Shattered Grounds as we’ve had creating them.

However, we won’t be creating the Shattered Grounds season models for the Sand Narrows league season. You will!

To be more specific, participants in my Lock & Load seminar about Privateer Press model development will be creating the Sand Narrows models. This class will cover some background about model development and playtesting, allow some time for questions and answers from the participants, and then it will launch into brainstorming ideas for the Sand Narrows season models. We’ll then playtest those ideas and make changes as needed before the ideas make their way into stores around the world for Shattered Grounds: Sand Narrows.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a first-hand glimpse into the WARMACHINE and HORDES development process, or if you want to throw your own ideas into the mix for some of this year’s season models, then be sure to sign up for Lock & Load!

Locked & Loaded,