Insider 2-21-2013

In today's blog, I thought I'd show you guys how we came up with the BodgerMania logo. I’ll take you through the process, from the initial sketches to the final design.

We started with several conceptual sketches for the BodgerMania logo but ultimately decided on this wrestling belt design. Here's the finished sketch.

Once we had the final sketch, it was refined. If you look closely, you can see how each variation of the refinements is slightly different. We tried a variety of layouts and ended up combining aspects from many of them into the final design.

For the colors, we tried dozens of variations. With the game Heap, the palette was kind of dictated by the very specific colors of road signs and wreckage. We had a lot more freedom with BodgerMania, however. There weren’t any restrictions beyond bright cartoonish colors, a hallmark of the Bodgers line. So, of course, we tried everything. Here is a collection of just some of the color variations we experimented with. Having lots of options like this helps us see what works, and more importantly what doesn't.

Thanks to all the variations, we were able to narrow down the design and get exactly what we wanted. Once the colors were decided, I added the final details to the design.

There you have it—the finished BodgerMania logo and all the crazy sketches that helped it come together!