Insider 2-13-2012

It’s a well-known fact that I like Trollkin. It’s also a well-known fact that I really enjoy a good, gut-wrenching explosion. So it’s probably no surprise to anyone that I’ve been using Captain Gunnbjorn lately while playing my Trollbloods. I like to run him with at least one Bomber—mostly because the Bomber is a honkin’ cool model and causes loads of havoc with its area-of-effect attacks. Recently, I’ve been trying to build my Trollblood army towards a 150-point Unbound level, and after careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that if one Dire Troll Bomber is good then two or three is even better. But I wanted to do something unique with my Bombers. What would it be?

The answer to this conundrum presented itself in one of the coolest things about working at Privateer Press: my coworkers. I’m really lucky to work with a plethora of gifted and talented individuals, some of which can sculpt and are willing to trade. Privateer Press’ own Brian Dugas is one such individual. A little while back, he expressed interest in owning the original concept art for Dominar Rasheth—a model that Brian brought to life in three dimensions. Instead of arranging for the exchange of something as pedestrian as money, I proposed another solution. Brian would make me two new bits that I could use to differentiate two new Dire Troll Bombers. He accepted and a plan was hatched!

Before Brian could start sculpting, he needed some artistic renderings of what I wanted. I was happy to oblige! I wanted to make my first Bomber different by removing the pyg fire-carrier. I wanted it to look as though the Bomber had finally scooped him up and eaten him. So I whipped up this quick drawing to give Brian some inspiration:

Next, I decided that if I was going to run these guys with Gunnbjorn, I needed a Pygbjorn to ride the other Bomber.

These concepts are now safely in Brian’s hands. In the coming weeks, I look forward to seeing what he produces. Hopefully, before long, I will have some cool, totally unique Dire Troll Bombers to show off!