Insider 2-11-2011

If you have bent your knee to Menoth's will then this is the week you have been waiting for.

Behold the beginnings of the mighty Vessel of Judgment!

The Vessel of Judgment stands apart from all the other Battle Engines in that it will take three different sculptors to bring this awesome testament to Menoth's power to completion.

The digital render you see above was created by our very own Ben Miesner, and forms the basis for the model. Once the digital version has been printed it will make its way over to Sean Bullough, the same man responsible for creating the mighty Khador Gun Carriage. Under Sean's fine care, the Vessel will receive all those holy embellishments that really define the Protectorate of Menoth's unique look (like all that beautiful filigree - lots and lots of it). Finally, just like the other crewed battle engines, the priest and zealot are being sculpted by one of our talented out-of-house sculptors.

Be sure to check back next week when I will reveal a very special Battle Engine Challenge!