Insider 2-07-2011

In this blog we'll go over making fire effects for your various models. Once again, I'll be using my Captain Jeremiah Kraye conversion to illustrate the concepts.

First, mix up some putty and roll it into a sausage. Apply some ChapStick® to a piece of styrene and roll out the putty like a pizza. The ChapStick® keeps the putty from sticking to the surface and allows you to peel it off intact once you have the shape you want.

Use your putty knife to cut the putty to the desired shape and size. Next, take various sized tubes and stamp out bits to create "licks" of flame.

Allow the putty to stiffen up slightly before peeling it off, and then apply the flame to your model. If the putty has set up too much or if it has too much ChapStick® on it, you might need a little glue. Not to worry, though, you'll be adding a second layer that will cover any mess. Allow the putty to air dry, checking and reshaping as necessary. Do not put your flames in a cooker or they will droop and get ruined.

Adding the second layer gives the fire depth and character. It doesn't need much, just enough to add detail and give you some good areas to paint. As you can see, I trailed it down onto the neck of the model so it has that "on-fire" look.

That's it for this time. In my next blog I'll be making a custom display base.