Insider 12-8-2011

One of the best parts of my job is that it gives me an excuse to poke around the Privateer Press forums and actually get paid to look at people’s painted miniatures. Surprisingly, my last job at the chemistry lab wasn't into such activities.. But now, when I find a lovingly painted army by one of our enthusiastic audience members, I get to take my time and appreciate the artistry, and even better, shine a spotlight on that army, sharing it with thousands of my fellow WARMACHINE and HORDES enthusiasts!

In this case, I was struck by long time forum member, JTY’s Khadoran Army. JTY chose the colors of the 5th Border Legion, a personal favorite of mine. I’ve always loved the olive drab of these rugged border skirmishers, and it brings me back to my own first foray into WARMACHINE with the soldiers and warjacks of Khador. JTY has a skill for painting faces that I’m deeply envious of, and his choice of models are among my favorites in the Khadoran line: Doomreavers, Greylords, and Widowmakers.

Seeing figures like this painted by fellow hobbyists is incredibly inspiring to me. In fact, I’ve been eyeing the pile of Cryx sitting on my desk and thinking of alternate paint schemes to explore.

What are you working on now? We’d love to see it on our forums or Facebook!