Insider 12-15-2017

As the holidays approach, the PP staff is busy as elves (not the militant magic-hating kind, but the cute and adorable kind) sculpting, painting, packing, and casting miniatures for all the good children of the world...okay, the naughty Cryx kids get stuf,f too, ’cause we still love ’em. We are also gearing up for our office holiday celebration, a fun-filled day of food, games, and merriment. One game in particular caught my eye this year: the holiday miniature painting competition. Being selected as the judge for this is quite the honor, as my fellow staff members vie for the coveted prize as most Holly Jolly Hobby Elf. The goal of the competition is to create a fantastically festive figure for the delight of all. I decided to do some snooping under the metaphorical tree and share the delights I uncovered.

First off, we have Customer Service Supervisor Justin Cottom’s Stabby Claus. He is quite the grisly fellow. I am not sure I will be leaving him milk and cookies anytime soon.

Next up is Terrain Specialist Danny Samuels Troll La La La conversion. I love how he leaned into the existing Pyg Scout model and went full snowman for the holidays. Now I know why he was asking me about painting snow...

In addition to these awesome ideas, I decided I wanted to create a little something myself: Lord Carver, Bringer of Most Massive Presents! Not your typical mall Santa (and probably smells much worse). I wonder if he only delivers the gift of pork rinds to all the children of Immoren or is his Most Massive Present...his Presence :D

If you are in the festive spirit and make a holiday-themed mini, for any holiday, share your creation on our Facebook or Twitter with #WMHHoliday.

Until next time, Happy Holidays from all of us at PP!