Insider 12-1-2011

My painting desk is a chaotic and cluttered place. Models are assembled, started, and often left unfinished for any number of reasons. I have a severe case of Gamer Magpie Syndrome, and I am often distracted by the newest, shiniest models in our line.

This has not changed since my last Insider post.

Motivation comes from interesting places. Sometimes it’s a convention, other times it’s for a league. Lately, motivation has been for an Insider blog. The best motivation, however, comes from the chance to get a few digs in at PPS_Adam, our friendly, medium-based customer support specialist.

Adam likes to make what he calls “blue-collar conversions” – conversions for those of us without sculpting skills that are easily accomplished with a little bit of effort, patience, and a pin vise. This time around, he ventured into the realm of “what-ifs” with his selection of Khador of the Old Faith models.

The funny thing about Adam is that he’s great about building models and talking about painting them. Remember the 2010 Impossible Dream Challenge when he was building his 100-point Epic Kreoss Exemplar Army of Doom? (Here’s the link in case you missed it) He got his models assembled and put a decent amount of paint on them but fell short.

When Adam mentioned the Khador of the Old Faith models, I didn’t even ask him if he was going to paint them. I just asked him to have them ready for me to take home that weekend.

For the color scheme, Adam said he’d like something similar to the colors I used for my Grand Exemplar Kreoss Interdiction of Sul theme force – a lot of Sanguine, very little Menoth White, and some darker metallics for armor and accents. And since the traditional colors for Khador are red, it seemed like a nice choice.

The first model I tackled was the “Man-O-War of the Wall” – a Paladin on Man-O-War body. The broad surfaces gave me a chance to try out two-brush blending for the first time in a long while, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m particularly pleased with the banner.

I worked on the “Flameguard Pikeman” and “Prince Vladimir of the Old Faith” at the same time and didn’t spend quite as much time on either of them as the Man-O-War, but I’m still happy with the results.

The Man-O-War is my favorite conversion of the three, just because it would be amusing to see one or two of them running with Dartan Vilmon. And while these aren’t playable models, it’s definitely amusing to imagine the possibilities.

Adam’s conversions have got me thinking about what sort of league models we could unleash upon our player community for the 2012 War Torn Alliances league. Stay tuned – you just might get a sneak peek in the not-too-distant future!