Insider 11-8-2011

Hey, I’m Laine. I’m one of the graphic designers here at Privateer Press. I spend my day creating logos, laying out No Quarter Magazine, and designing boxes, advertisements, and whatever else gets thrown my way.

Recently, I made the Longest Night patch and medal, and I thought I could show you guys how we go about designing some of the awesome prizes we give out.

Almost everything we design starts out as sketches—lots of sketches. I’ll whip up anywhere from five to twenty sketches on a project, experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. Once I have a good number of ideas on paper, I’ll take them over to the powers that be, and we’ll discuss which direction to take the concept. Here are a small handful of sketches that work up to the design we ended with on the right.

Once a basic design has been approved, I’ll scan in the image and refine it with the magic of Adobe Illustrator. The designs for patches, coins, and small icons are usually made in Illustrator, since vector art allows for cleaner lines and holds up to re-sizing better than raster (pixel-based) art. At this stage, we start messing around with finer details and make a few alterations to the approved design. To give the Witchfire more presence, it’s now breaking the frame of the medal, and flames lick along the bottom to balance out the break on top. The third moon has also been moved to add some stability to the hilt. All these small changes add up and eventually turn a small sketch into a pretty wicked medal.