Insider 11-3-2016

A few weeks ago I was chitchatting with Lyle Lowery, our No Quarter editor-in-chief, on Primecast about an awesome project I’ve been working on . . . a new game that uses WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures. Well, I guess technically the game is both new and old, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Starting with the January issue of No Quarter (#70), you’re going to see an exciting new type of content appearing in the magazine: brand new games! That’s right, issues of No Quarter are going to contain rules content with everything you need to play new games designed by the dev team here at Privateer Press. Some will use existing models you might already own in your collection, some might not. Some will be rules supplements that build upon existing game titles, and some will be completely new.

Let me tell you something, and I mean this from my heart; this is very exciting to me. As a game developer for a company with a flagship title as large as WARMACHINE and HORDES, it would be easy to spend my career here just working with the team on that one game and nothing else. However, we’ve been given an opportunity to stretch our design legs and put new content of our own creation into No Quarter going forward. That is just awesome!

Some of these games will be small rulesets of less than a dozen pages, and others (like the upcoming one in January) will be full 32+ page rulebooks with planned expansions to be released in later issues. As you can imagine, this is a fun opportunity for us to share some unique game experiences with all of you, and I personally can’t wait to add more to the growing No Quarter games collection.

Speaking of which, I should probably unveil the game coming out in January. Do you remember Mk I? Were you reading No Quarter back in those days? If so, you probably recall a fun game that came out back then by the name of Grind. If you’re newer to our community, you might know Grind only as its MK II iteration, which was a board game with a rules set separate from WARMACHINE and HORDES. But it all started with a simple concept: use the warjacks you already own, use the WARMACHINE MK I mechanics to handle the basic rules of the game, and create something new out of it.

I fondly remember my old Press Ganger, Ed Bourelle, making a custom Grind table for our community on which we played countless Grind games back in MK I. I’ve been thinking about that version of Grind for years and years . . .

So I made a new one.

Get ready to return to the Destructodome as Grind MK III arrives this January! Grind is a massive rules supplement for WARMACHINE and HORDES that uses the core mechanics of those games but adds so much more. In fact, it adds far more than the original Grind ever provided—things I think we can all agree we wanted back with the original.

What are those things you ask? Oh, you know . . . stuff like warjack teams AND warbeast teams, cross-Faction team compositions, unique coach models that run up and down the sideline chucking spells into the arena, all new Grind arenas to battle in, freaking LEAGUE RULES to play entire seasons and championships, experience points, upgrades, injuries, earning money, hiring and firing team members, gaining sponsorships, new power attacks, and lots and LOTS of destruction.

Oh, and there’s more—so much more I can’t fit it into only a single Insider article. Needless to say, I’ll be talking more about Grind MK III in the future, since the rules are coming out in a couple of months! Make sure to grab a No Quarter Subscription and get a free Grind ball to be prepared to throw down.

In the meantime, just know that if the idea of building your own battle-sports team with models like an Ironclad, a Slayer, two Dervishes, and a couple of Cephalyx Wardens, and then using that team to roll a megaton ball of steel over a Dire Troll’s face and directly into a pit of molten lava in a hyper-violent game of battle billiards sounds appealing to you . . . I’ve got you covered.