Insider 11-27-2013

It’s that time of year again: the season of giving is upon us, and along with it comes the Privateer Press Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

We kick things off on Black Friday with our digital deals. From Friday, November 29, to Monday, December 2, you’ll be able to download digital editions of our WARMACHINE Mk II, HORDES Mk II, and Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game books at 20% off the normal prices! Even hot new books like IKRPG’s second volume, Kings, Nations, and Gods, are included, so don’t miss a chance to add these great books to your digital collection.

Skull Island eXpeditions will have its own Black Friday sale from November 29 to December 2. During that time, you can use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to take 20% off the entire collection of novellas! It’s the perfect opportunity to complete your collection of Skull Island eXpeditions books!

As the digital deals wind down on Cyber Monday, the rest of the Holiday Sale kicks into gear. Starting Monday, December 2, we’ll have 10 new 25-point army bundles available to choose from. Each bundle also comes with an additional warcaster or warlock, so you can get two different play experiences from one army! These bundles come packed with bonus items as well—in addition to the 25-point army, you’ll also get a faction token set, a pair of commemorative 10 Years of WARMACHINE dice, an exclusive commemorative 10 Years of WARMACHINE gold metal pin, and an unlock for the digital version of the faction’s Force book on the Privateer Press Digital app!

The new pin on my army bag. Doesn't it look smart?

And there’s a lot more in store than the army bundles—this year, you’ll be able to get LEVEL 7, Bodgers Games, and IKRPG bundles as well!

We’re offering three LEVEL 7 bundles. You’ll be able to take advantage of special deals for the critically acclaimed dungeon crawler LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL], the survival horror game LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], its expansion LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Lockdown, or all three together! No matter which you choose, you’ll get special promo items for your games. If you haven’t played LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] yet, now’s your chance to see why The D6 Generation glowingly said the game is “so cool and so innovative!”

For the RPG enthusiast, we have an incredible IKRPG bundle. This bundle includes the first two volumes of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game—Core Rules and the new Kings, Nations, and Gods—as well as the Game Master Toolkit and the Token Set! If all you need is Kings, Nations, and Gods, you can pick up this new volume along with a free digital copy of WARMACHINE Prime Mk II on the Privateer Press Digital app! Whether you’re an Iron Kingdoms enthusiast, a WARMACHINE enthusiast, or both, you’ll love the tons of faction-specific information and details for Cygnar, Khador, Ord, Llael, and the Protectorate. From detailed specs on warjacks and weaponry to city maps and military structure, this book is fully loaded!

Sometimes the perfect game is the game you can just pick up and play with anyone, is fast-paced and quick to learn, and is one you can play from start to finish even when you don’t have a lot of time. Get your hands on the Bodgers Games bundle for times like these! With Infernal Contraption 2nd Edition, Heap, and BodgerMania, you’ll always have a great go-to game!

As you can see, we have a ton of great offerings for the holiday season. So, who on your gift list would love a shiny new game? Share the hobby!