Insider 11-25-2013

Anyone who saw me walking the Iron Arena floor at Lock & Load GameFest 2013 might have noticed the unique mid-sized Battle Foam bag I was carrying my models around in. A lot of people expressed interest in it, and I let everyone know the one I carried was a prototype I was taking for a test drive. I was quite impressed with the bag: it was a perfect fit for my needs—two 50-point Cryx armies, one of which included a Kraken—even with its smaller footprint and lighter weight. Like all of Privateer Press’ Battle Foam bags, it had plenty of pockets to fit rulebooks, templates, tokens, dice, tape measures, an iPad, snacks, and all your other tournament-going needs.

Well, I’m happy to report the Privateer Press Tournament Bag is now available for pre-order from Battle Foam. It’s the same bag I was hauling around at L&L, with a few minor tweaks to improve on the prototype. While this bag is ideal for single-day events, it will also make a great travel bag for cons, especially if you’re packing a couple of lists for a single faction.

Sadly I had to return the prototype to the good folks at Battle Foam, so I’m excited to get my hands on the final version to keep my undead horde safe when I take them on the go.