Insider 11-23-2011

This is my first Insider blog, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lyle, and I’m the marketing manager for Privateer Press.

One of the neat things I’ve had a chance to work on is this year’s 35-Point Holiday Bundles. Each bundle is a complete 35-point army, and in order to ensure that each list was thoughtfully designed, I enlisted the help of our development manager David Carl (better known to many of you as DC). I think the lists we came up with are great introductions to the factions and will provide plenty of tabletop excitement.

One of my goals with these bundles was to ensure that each one works with the Journeyman league format. With that in mind, we created each list based on that faction’s battlegroup box set or battlegroup box set equivalent. If you’re so inclined, one of these holiday bundles could take you through all five weeks of a Journeyman league.

Once we were happy with the lists, we threw in a few fun extras to make the bundle complete. In each bundle you’ll find free tokens to track focus or fury and effects, a Privateer Press tape measure to check ranges, and a pair of Privateer Press dice to use as location and direction dice. Then to top it all off, we added free shipping.

All this holiday bundle talk got us in the spirit of the season, so we decided to give some of our art the holiday treatment! Here you can see the Butcher and Rӧk in their festive winter wear.

I had a lot of fun creating these holiday bundles, and I think they’re a great way to experience WARMACHINE or HORDES for the first time. They’ve even got me thinking about trying a new faction.