Insider 11-22-2017

2017 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster Winners

The P3 Grandmaster is one of my favorite events every year. Just seeing the talent and creativity of the community firsthand inspires me to push myself in both my professional and personal work. Imagination and artistry are fundamental to the hobby, and these pieces are superior examples of both. ☺

Benjamin Kantor’s Skarre imbues the viewer with a definite sense of dread as the pirate queen advances her reign of terror on the high seas.

Jesse Carlise has created an epic tribute to the Motherland with his piece. Smooth blends and a fantastic story, coupled with a well-executed plinth, pushed him to the top spot in his category.

Rich Curtis’ Galleon is a sight to behold. This nautical nightmare would make any freebooter in Five Fingers envious. I particularly enjoy his color choices, and the construction of the base is topnotch.

Todd McNeal created a beautiful battlegroup with his use of color and texture. Loki looks imposing, and Kaya has the face of grim determination that is key to her character. I can practically hear the wolves howl as I examine the piece.

Story and drama: this entry oozes it. Chris Suhre captured the last stand of some Trenchers against the terrifying entity know as the Deathjack. The limited pallet and atmospheric paint style made this scene of mayhem the 2017 Gen Con Grandmaster.

Those are the winners of the 2017 Gen Con P3 Grandmaster competition. Hopefully, they have inspired you as much as they have me, giving you motivation to create your next masterpiece. These contestants embody the P3 (Patience, Practice, and Perseverance) and truly underscore the artistry in our hobby. With that said, I think it’s time to go get my paint on.

Keep on paintin’