Insider 11-20-2017

No Quarter Prime #2 is heading your way at the end of November, and just like the white-hot first issue, this one is absolutely packed with fantastic content. What exactly is in this issue? Well, here’s the table of contents:

But wait—what’s this on page 54? Well, Unbound returns in an updated form for the new edition! This 20-page WARMACHINE & HORDES expansion includes all the updated rules you need to play battles on a massive scale. Each player fields two or more detachments: 50-point forces led by a warcaster or warlock and their battlegroup. Gone are the complicated formations of Mk II’s Unbound. Instead, each detachment can have its own theme force. Players alternate activating their detachments rather than their entire armies, giving Unbound games a flowing swirl of attacks and counterattacks that really captures the massive scale of the battle. The turn order can change from round to round, but the territory you control improves your chances of seizing the initiative, so controlling the battlefield is key! Unbound also includes loads of scenarios specific to the game type and rules for three- and four-player games.

I’m very excited about Unbound, but that’s just a fraction of all the meaty goodness in No Quarter Prime #2. We’ve heard some wonderful reviews of the first issue, and if you liked what you saw in that one, No Quarter Prime #2 keeps bringing the hits. That includes new installments of “The Fire & the Forged,” “Hostile Territory,” and “After Action Report.” And of course, there’s a giant theme force feature on the Northkin, plus “Company of Iron” brings a new batch of linked scenarios for the hot new game of the same name, as well as rules to field dismounted dragoons! So, pick up your copy from your local game store November 22 or order from the Privateer Press Online Store!