Insider 11-18-2011

Lately, I’ve been a very busy man. Now that I am the Quartermaster, a great deal of my time is dedicated to ensuring the Press Gang receives the support it needs to run special events at stores and conventions worldwide.

While a challenging task, this aspect of my job is also very rewarding. I love hearing stories from tournaments and leagues all across the world. Whether it’s a story of an epic battle that left only one model standing on either side or that one time someone’s caster made ten tough rolls in a row, it’s great to hear the passion people have for our games.

I think the reason I find listening to these stories so rewarding is that I share that same passion. I love to play WARMACHINE and HORDES. I enjoy playing so much that I try to get a game in at least once a week, no matter how busy I am.

Recently, I completed my Minions collection, and then I found myself asking a common question amongst WARMACHINE and HORDES players: “What faction do I want to play next?” I toyed around with a variety of 35-point lists from various factions, but I still found myself unable to decide which faction to dive into next.

Then I learned about the new holiday bundles. Each bundle provides a fully playable 35-point army with accessories to complement the faction. The Mercenary bundle really spoke to me. Not only is it a great way to jump into collecting mercenaries, it also includes one of my favorite characters in the Iron Kingdoms, Magnus the Traitor.

This bundle was the inspiration I needed to answer my big question. Mercenaries it is! Check out this bundle and all of the awesome new holiday bundles available on our online store.