Insider 11-15-2017

If you’ve somehow managed to escape our ebullient plugs for MiniCrate, then all you need to know is that MiniCrate is our newly launched subscription service that delivers an exclusive mini to your door once a month. There are two subscription plans to choose from: Collector, which is month-to-month, and VIP, which is a six-month plan that nets you a 7th bonus mini in your first shipment. The current minis are all variants of existing WARMACHINE & HORDES models, are exclusive to MiniCrate, and will only be produced once before we gloriously destroy the molds for your amusement.

Our first MiniCrate shipped in the middle of October, and newly minted Swamp Sirens have been showing up in the mailboxes of subscribers all over the world. We also packed in a little surprise for our first wave of subscribers that can be used in our online store. MiniCrate subscribers can expect to see goodies like that, as well as other unexpected perks from time to time, as we strive to go above and beyond your expectations.

With the Swamp Siren out for delivery, the Plaid Piper of Ord is marching on into production and will ship by the middle of November. December’s MiniCrate will feature the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come, a reimagining of the Feral Geist minion solo from HORDES. And ringing in the New Year—destined to be another classic work of art from staff sculptor Doug Hamilton—is Ashes to Ashlynn, depicting our favorite Llaelese freedom fighter rising up on the fiery wings of a phoenix.

And here for the first time is Art Director Mike Vaillancourt’s final concept art for the upcoming Bloody Bradigan Pitt, a variant on the mercenary solo, Bloody Bradigan, inspired by one of cinema’s most notorious bare-knuckles brawlers. We’re working on something particularly fun as an extra in that crate, but the first rule of MiniCrate is, we don’t talk about — eh, you get it.

Many more inspired designs will come in the months following Bradigan, from Professor Victoria Pendrake to Alton Van Helsing to Mrs. Walls. We’re having a blast dreaming up new interpretations of iconic WARMACHINE and HORDES characters and we hope to surprise and delight you with every one!

You still have a few days to subscribe—go to before November 19th to get in on the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come!