Insider 11-15-2011

When the brief for the new Skorne heavy warbeast, the Archidon, crossed my desk, I was super jazzed about the project. Who doesn’t like pterosaurs?! Not any one I want to have a drink with, that’s for sure. Seeing the awesome sculpt by Brian Dugas take form, I knew I wanted to have an equally evocative and compelling illustration to match the model in HORDES: Domination.

The artist that I ended up assigning the Archidon illustration to was the talented Carlos Cabrera, whose skills at capturing mood and drama are without peer. Talking with Carlos, we decided that we really wanted to try and capture the feel of paleontological illustrations that have been done for scientific journals. The warm light and graceful motion of the piece really conveys that idea. I think that this piece really captures the deadly grace of this predator. What thrills me the most about Carlos’ painting is that the Archidon appears to be a creature that could have existed in the real world, rather than just haunting the skies of our imaginations.