Insider 11-13-2017

This is how the cover of No Quarter Prime #2 begins: with a description…

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" w/.25" bleed @ 400DPI CMYK
Description: On a gray overcast day in a wooded clearing snow falls around us and swirls with the movement of the following subjects; Bears charge towards the camera, their handler is in the background (we need a good crop for their card art). The Northkin Elder stands in the center of the piece, think eye of the storm, with a Dire Troll Brawler and Troll Basher moving forward into combat.

Andrea Uderzo then provided me with two different sketches—I definitely preferred the left-to-right shot, but we needed a little more breathing room up top for the No Quarter Prime logo.

At this point, Andrea sent me updates, and as I made zero changes through this process, you get to check out his line art and paint.

We then realized we didn’t have a good shot of Kolgrima in the image or the Northkin Elder. So, I had Andrea work them into the image. It required a little back and forth; below, you’ll see the first few sketches.

When I received this first rough, I immediately made the decision to remove the foreground polar bear as not to obscure those other two figures. I then had several options to choose from with regards to who would be in the foreground or in the middle ground.

Lastly, her owl is a key part of her design, so getting it into frame was important—but if its wings were spread, it covered up too much of the background characters, so I opted for the wings being folded. Then, Andrea proceeded to final.

He did a fantastic job of squeezing every last figure into this piece, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.
If you haven’t picked up your issue of No Quarter Prime #2 with this spectacular art on its cover, head to your local game store or get a copy from the Privateer Press Online Store!