Insider 11-10-2011

Getting to see the Trollkin War Wagon develop from concept art to sculpt to final painted model has been a creative high point for me here at Privateer Press. Roberto Cirillo was tasked with creating the concept art, not only for the wagon itself but also for the five unique sculpts that make up its crew and for the bison that pull it. In the end, Roberto did fifteen pages of some of the most amazing and detailed concepts I’ve seen to bring every last detail of this model home.

When it came time to sculpt this awesome battle engine, there was no single sculptor who could take on the epic task. Like the Throne of Everblight, this would need the skills of three different sculptors. The heavily armored bison went to Steve Saunders, who did a fantastic job capturing the motion and power behind the thundering beasts of burden. Todd Harris hit a home run with the five crew members, giving them each wonderful personality and motion. The driver is my favorite, with his face full of the rage befitting a trollkin controlling the reigns of his kriel’s most powerful weapon. Finally, Privateer’s own Sean Bullough proved once again he is the king of WARMACHINE war machines. Sean brought it all together, sculpting the entire wagon, from wheels, deck, and padded seats all the way to the barrel of the massive pounder. These guys did an amazing job on the War Wagon, and I can’t wait to see the stuff they’re working on next hit the tabletop.

Finally the awesome painting duo of Matt DiPietro and Meg Maples worked to give life and color to the studio model. I’m blown away (poundered, if you will) by the final results. This one model contains the craftsmanship of many people whose commitment to quality and detail runs deep. See for yourselves.

Keep an eye out for future Privateer Insiders where Sean will go into some detail on his experiences bringing this masterpiece together.