Insider 11-08-2017

Feast of the Fallen has begun! November’s narrative league is an exploration of the tyranny that has befallen many citizens of the Iron Kingdoms and their (not always successful) attempts to strike back. Sometimes, folks, the villains simply win!

What’s really cool about this month’s league is that it’s the first Organized Play event to feature Company of Iron support. You can play this entire league as just WARMACHINE & HORDES or as just Company of Iron, or you can utilize the linked scenario rules to play with everything.

Linked scenarios are something I’ve wanted to design since the moment I first heard Company of Iron was going to exist. Like many of you, I enjoy playing in campaigns where my daily or weekly games slowly affect a larger outcome. Feast of the Fallen offers that on what I would call a bite-sized scale.

There are three linked scenario sets in total. You always play the Company of Iron scenario first, then you play the same opponent in a game of WARMACHINE & HORDES using the appropriate follow-up scenario. How you performed in the Company of Iron scenario will directly affect the rules—and any benefits you may gain—during the next game.

My personal favorite linked set is “The Schwess Market Massacre” (COI) and “The Battle of Rhye” (WM/H). In the first scenario, your Company of Iron is battling for control of a market square in the city of Rhye. It’s a terrain-dense, claustrophobic battle with plenty of street-to-street fighting that leads to some tense and awesome moments on the tabletop.

Once that scenario is over, you expand the table into the greater city of Rhye, and the winner of the previous scenario determines where the Schwess Market is located based on some simple setup guidelines. That player then gets to deploy their entire Company of Iron inside the Schwess Market zone while the rest of their army deploys normally.

Narrative effects like this are so much fun to play—they give you a zoomed-in snapshot of the market skirmish before you pull the “camera” back for the larger battle taking place throughout the city. And the end result of the story is, of course, completely up to you and your opponent.

You can find the rules to play Feast of the Fallen on our website:

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