Insider 10-8-2012

Working in a creative industry typically means maintaining a steady stream of ideas and then working to turn those ideas into an actual thing (inasmuch as you can classify a video as a thing). Some days the creative juices are flowing in torrents and some days they slow to a trickle. Usually a good night’s sleep will help refresh creativity, but for more dramatic inspiration, sometimes you just gotta get out of town.

I recently packed up my wife and daughter, left the Privateer Press offices behind, and headed off to spend a couple of weeks in London and Paris—my first visit to either city. It has been nearly a decade since I’ve had a major vacation, so I was anxious to leave my work behind and fully immerse myself in the experience of being somewhere other than home.

We didn’t waste a single day while we were abroad; my wife made sure of that. We spent most days walking around the city streets. We explored the multitude of museums and galleries. Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by beautiful, ornate architecture. Both cities pulse with art.

After posting an online photo of my wife and I in front of some intricate Parisian architecture, I received twin text messages from both Creative Director Ed Bourelle and Art Director Mike Vaillancourt: “Take LOTS of pictures we can use for Iron Kingdoms reference.” Nearly half a world away and the work never stops!

In addition to taking reference photos for those two yahoos, I also managed to do some of my own sketches of various European vistas, royal gardens, and even my daughter as she slept (it’s the only time she stays still.)

Immersing myself fully in an environment other than home sent my mind spinning with ideas and all the ways I can use that inspiration, both personally and professionally.

Big things are brewing here at Privateer Press, and I can’t wait to get working!