Insider 10-7-2011

Week 5 Journeyman
Week five of the Privateer Press Staff Journeyman League is over and things are definitely heating up! I’ve decided to stick with Commander Stryker for the rest of the league and grow my army into a 35-point list for the final two weeks. I decided to supplement my warjack heavy battlegroup with a unit of Field Mechaniks and add a little ranged versatility with a unit of Gun Mages. Here’s my final 35-point list:

  • Commander Coleman Stryker
  • Charger
  • Defender
  • Firefly
  • Lancer
  • Squire
  • Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Gun Mage Officer
  • Captain Arlan Strangewayes
  • 4 Field Mechaniks
  • 3 x Stormsmith Stormcaller
  • I only had time to get in a single game this week. Jason Soles had challenged me to a rematch after the thrashing I gave his army in week two. I was happy to oblige, and once more repeated the event! A much closer game this time, which resulted in a game that should have been a loss after his skillful assassination run, but the dice were against him with extremely low damage rolls on a knocked-down Stryker. Clearly, Menoth did not smile upon Mr. Soles that day, and Stryker regained his feet to strike down the High Exemplar! Now that I’m done gloating, let’s see how others faired in the penultimate week of the League!

    Will Hungerford: Switching to Sturm and Drang earlier on week four of the league has proven to be a very good idea. I love the dynamic of switching which mind is dominant, and how it completely alters your tactics for that round. My favorite part about Sturm and Drang is using its feat against other HORDES players. If used at the right time, you can completely deny the enemy warlock the ability to transfer!

    David “DC” Carl: As the Journeyman League rapidly approaches its inevitable end, I'm pretty happy with how things went for me. Though a combination of PAX, a family vacation, and a rash of late-night development meetings chewed into my league time quite a bit, I still got more than enough points to complete my participation patch. It's been great to get a few more models painted up for my Skorne and to get in a bunch of games with players trying out new factions. Congrats to Oren, the bold Khador player who sullied my 8-1 record after a hard-fought victory.

    Jen Ikuta: Week five marked the first time I played against Chris Walton, and I'm a little sad I've waited this long to get a game in! Not only is Chris a super-fun opponent, he's been painting like a man possessed and fielded a beautiful 25-point Retribution force against my Mardi Gras sparkle gators. Timely use of Barnabas' feat saved the gators from being charged by a horde of Mage Hunter Strike Force, but Kaelyssa's feat turn meant my gators weren't charging, either. Things looked bad for the Blindwater Congregation when my dice failed me again on a gator toss and Chris' Mage Hunter Assassin made turtle soup out of my Ironback Spitter.

    Things looked even worse when a Griffon, a Manticore, and Kaelyssa charged Barnabas. He lived through the 'jack attacks and Kaelyssa left him barely alive. Barnabas hit Kaelyssa with his first attack, missed the second, missed the third, bought boosted attack and damage rolls and *still* didn't kill her. What the heck was up with my dice? With just 2 fury left, it meant one more boosted attack and an unboosted damage roll. Thankfully, a mighty swing from Bone Cleaver sent Kaelyssa packing. With my poor luck with throwing gators, it's time for a change in tactics. I'm thinking it's time for Maelok the Dreadbound to see some table time!

    At the end of week five, there are a few forerunners but it’s still anyone’s game. The competition for the Creator award is hotly contested. Former favorite, Will Shick is at a respectable 49 points of pure modeling goodness, but late-comer Chris Walton has managed to squeak ahead with 51 points from painting and another 6 from gameplay!
    The Destroyer award is also getting close with a current tie between Phil Chinzi and Cody Ellis at 31 points from gameplay! Cody only has 21 points from painting and hobbying, but his measured approach has landed him at a collective 52 points towards Journeyman, placing him firmly in the running against hobby monsters Walton and Shick. With just one week left, it’s still anyone’s game, and we’ll give you all the details in next Friday’s Privateer Insider!